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About The App

Mission - Vision

To break down barriers to learning for competency and skill development and ultimately earning potential, career satisfaction, and success. 

To do so what’s needed is simple - affordable access to relevant knowledge and an advisor. Solution?...the technology of an app.

The app is available on all smartphone platforms and can be accessed via your app store.

The Short Story...

 >  The app is available on all smartphone platforms - just go to your app store and search for The 1% Edge Portable Coach.

>  It's designed to be either self-directed and/or guided learning - whatever suits your learning style.

>  It can be used independently or in conjunction with a company's current training plan.

 >  It houses a variety of learning opportunities and formats that are ever evolving. All new material and featured topics are announced via push notifications, if you choose to opt for it.

 >  It's interactive: it has a just in time coaching option (the CONTACT TAB), discussion board, record an idea, take notes, connect with your favorite social media all within the app

 >  Mobile learning is a legitimate emerging trend.

 >  Mobile learning can actually be more effective for developing professional competencies if used in the right way. 

 >  Can garner a higher return on investment in the areas of employee training and personal-professional development. 

 >  Using an App for learning is a great way to not clog your email box and just plain easier to use

 >  It's affordable. The app is free - the premium content has a small subscription fee.

 >  You have more control over your own professional development. You don't have to be dependent on your company for building your knowledge base and professional competencies!

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