Thursday, November 26, 2009

Behind Every Great Team is a Great Coach

Focus: Coaching is essential to management success

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Behind Every Great Team is a Great Coach -The You Factor 
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Ever heard that phrase? Well, in the world of being a supervisor or manager (or even a corporate trainer for that matter) the same principle applies. You will go a long way in being the kind of manager or supervisor you want to be, if you understand this - YOU make the team!

What do I mean by that? The kind of person you are directly impacts the kind of team you will have. Have you ever observed or been a part of team or department in which the leader was dysfunctional?...not giving clear direction, ignoring employees not getting along, not doing what they say they’ll do, disrespecting team members.

These behaviors and many others impact the outcomes and performance of a team. The team’s lack of performance can be traced back to the kind of person/leader the manager was. The personality, the style in which they related to people, their ability to take charge and give clear direction all eventually impacted the team. Those qualities either help the team get results or impaired getting results.

The sad part? many cases the manager ends up blaming the team or specific members of the team for the lack of performance and it seems to be beyond them why things aren’t happening the way they think they should.

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