Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Handwritten Thank You Note

Focus: Employee Motivation, Management Success

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Handwritten Note
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Here’s another in a series of ideas on how to apply C.P.R. to your team. If you’ve not listened to the introductory recording on applying CPR, let me encourage you to do that first. You know, C.P.R. is about infusing life into your team, feeding their motivation, and making deposits in their emotional and psychological fuel cells. 

Recently, there was a survey done among a certain segment of the healthcare population. And one of the questions that was posed in the survey was this: If you could get anything from your boss, what would it be? 

The number one most popular answer was this, a handwritten thank you note from my boss. Wow! We think handwritten and thank you notes are somewhat a thing of the past. But you know what? I think they probably should come back. 

I recently encountered a manager at a workshop that I conducted that did exactly that. But she added one other element to it that I think is worth your consideration. You know, she had one hundred and fifty employees and, you know, that’s astonishing enough. And in an effort to express to her employees how much she appreciated them, she did write a handwritten thank you note to every member of her staff. 

However, rather than distributing them at work, she thought it would be much more effective and have much more impact to actually send the handwritten thank you notes to their homes. You know, I thought, “How brilliant. What a great idea!” 

You know the place of recognition in every home that is tried and true? You know that refrigerator? I would suspect that even for the shyest employees, to have that handwritten thank you note posted on that refrigerator would be a great source of pride. 
You know, they would get to see it in the privacy of their own space every day, and also, to be able to display it to their other family members. You know, as a parent, to model for their kids. Boy, that would go a long way in motivating an employee on an ongoing basis. Talk about making lots of deposits in their emotional and psychological fuel cells. 

Let me encourage you to consider this idea for applying C.P.R. to your team. Consider a handwritten thank you note sent to your employees’ home.
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