Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Your Employees - Do You Really Know Them?

Focus: Employee Motivation, Performance Management, Management Success

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Another essential element in motivating employees is knowing them – really knowing. I’ve found we work a lot on assumptions when it comes to knowing our team. In many cases we particularly assume they have the same values we do. Values impact motivation.

This assuming has really come to light in recent years due to the increase in generation diversity in the work place. Baby boomers are finding it hard to manage Gen-Xers and Gen-Ys. Why?...because their values are different. In a great book I highly recommend entitled, Generation X, there’s a quote worth sharing, “Baby Boomers work to live, Gen Xers live to work.” That quote reflects two completely different approaches to the role work plays in their lives. The difference in the role of work reflects different values and how and why they work.

So, do you really know your employees? It’s worth discovering what unique values each of your team members have, so that you can work with them in getting the outcomes you need from your team.

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