Sunday, April 28, 2013

Increase Your Productivity - Declutter

Here are 3 key tips - not only to declutter, but also to arrange things where you find them quickly...and isn't that the point of de-cluttering?

The Video Version: Is It Time To De-clutter? A short video - 3 Tips on how to #de-clutter -

If you'd like to read more considering the following: 

De-clutter Your Life - Fuel Your Results

The above also includes a links to the 2 part pod - cast on which this book is based. De-clutter Your Life From The Inside Out:     Kindle   |   Nook

Additionally all of these resources are components of the book Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelm - this is the complete guide to time management, getting organized and getter the right things done. 

Resource: Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelmed - how to manage your time, space, & priorities, to work smart, get results & be happy -  Kindle - The Book - Nook Audio Book -  The Seminar

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