Monday, January 4, 2016

Got Intuition?

Mike Lehr: Intuition in the Workplace
I'm excited to launch my 2016 Talent Talk - Thought Leaders 3.0 podchat series with my first interviewee Mike Lehr who was my original first!  And I am thrilled we are taking on the topic of intuition. It's a perfect complement to the work I do surrounding creative, critical and innovative thinking.

I suggest you take the time to contemplate and learn about your own intuition, particularly the role it plays in decision-making, inspiration and creative thinking. Harnessing it will expand your effectiveness! Use my interview with Mike to be the jumpstart.

Additionally Mike has provided a white paper on the topic.  Also, check out other complementary information on his site as well as my first podchat with him -  What Box Do You Want To Be In?


Trouble loading? Download with this link:

White paper link:

Helping you be a great steward of your talent!

To a fabulous 2016!
JoAnn Corley

Here is all of Mike's Info:
Mike Lehr
Omega Z Advisors, LLC
Business Change Management
Navigating Internal Cultures & Politics
Influencing & Problem Solving

A reminder: This podchat is also on iTunes and the app The 1% Edge Portable Coach
Check out: If you want to learn more about our work with creativity or order the book Brain on Fire - click here.

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