Wednesday, October 24, 2018

How is Your Performance Management Performing?

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Hey that may sound like a silly question, but it's legit! Here's why…

I know that performance management, particularly for managers, can be challenging and without some basic knowledge to navigate its terrain, it feels like you're stumbling in the woods, can't see where you're going and don't know how to get out...and wish you'd never entered it in the first place.

That's why @LinkedIn Learning asked me to create a course written specifically for managers on how to Manage Employee Performance Problems. Don't let the "course" word deter you from checking it out. My approach and mantra is to keep it real and keep it simple. You'll get helpful tips, insights and strategies.

I have a fierce conviction about that mantra because I think a lot of processes and tools we use in business, particularly related to human resource management just overcomplicatesmanagement and the employee experience, wasting time and money.


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