Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Dilemma of Creative Thinking in the Workplace

"If we all think alike -- no one is thinking very much." 
- Walt Whitman
Let me get straight to the point. One key element contributing to the dilemma of creative thinking in the workplace is fear of diversity -- fear of "too" different.  You see this "too different" causes discomfort. This is the "get out of our comfort zone" we don't consider and resist.

The comfort zone we usually address is pushing ourselves to grow, moving beyond where we currently are as our choice on our terms. This is the one most familiar when we use that phrase.

But, there's another. I call it "the diversity "dis"comfort zone". This   one allows others -  much different than us -  to come into our zone and be truly who they are even if it causes discomfort and in some cases we have to do the work to be accepting, receiving, embracing no matter the level of that discomfort. 

Read the full text here: https://www.joanncorleyspeaks.com/2016/06/the-dilemma-of-creative-thinking-in.html

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