Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Building Rapport via Targeted Feedback

Focus: Managing Communication, Communication Success 
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Building Rapport via Targeted Feedback
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Here’s another easy and quick communication power tip. Did you know that the greatest psychological need that anyone has is to be heard? That’s right - and here’s an easy way to make that happen when you’re in a conversation with someone. It is a technique of repeating back to them what you heard in these two targeted contexts.

Usually when someone is speaking with you they are either communicating what they think or what they feel and it’s really important to be in rapport - or as we say - communicate in the same modality they are when we’re seeking clarity and confirmation.

So, if someone is expressing how they feel, you respond with, “Oh, so you feel” and then fill in the blank with what they just said. Or, if they’re communicating what they think, you would say “Oh, so you think” and then fill in the blank.

Just that simple, easy technique of repeating back in the same modality of think or feel will go a long way in enhancing your rapport. The rapport is cultivated when you get on the same "wave length" as them and that's what being in their same modality does.                                                                        

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