Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Decide Your Guiding Principles - Create Your P.O.P.

Focus: Management Success, Management Tips

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Decide What Kind of Manager You Want to Be – Create Your P.O.P.
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What kind of manager do you want to be?This is a really important question to ask yourself. It’s clear that if a team is to be successful the YOU in that team is essential.

In order to assist you in this it would be helpful for you to purposely decide…what kind of manager you want to be with the use of a P.O.P. 

What’s a P.O.P you say?....P.O.P is an acrohnym for Personal Operating Philosophy.

Taking the time to determine your P.O.P. is what I call  acting on purpose, being fully conscious of what you are doing, how you are acting and why. Most of us are probably on autopilot. There 2 great benefits from acting more consciously or on purpose:

First, when you are more conscious you feel more in control of your life. That’s important in exercising and fueling your personal power and not resorting to feeling “victimized” by your circumstances.

Secondly, believe it when I say, life just feels and becomes more meaningful! Consciously acting engages more of us because we have to use energy and effort vs. acting on autopilot. It creates the power of now!

1.  Take a QUIET moment to think about and WRITE out what kind of manager you want to be….just start free writing - here’s some phrases to consider:
I want to be ….”
I value most…
I want to be known for…
I want to reflect…

When writing …there should be no judgment…just let it flow as your first draft. You even might want to sleep on it, review what you’ve written and finalize it for the first quarter.

2. Then make sure you place it where you and your staff can see it everyday. Placing it where others can see it is a way of leading by example, which adds to your credibility.

EXTRA TIP:  Ask each team member to write a POP...what kind of individual contributor (as you can tell I like these words better than “employee”…these two words imply those who take personal responsibility for what they do at work…and that means hopefully CONTRIBUTING constructively! may want to start using this language..

Additionally when you have a new employee join your team, ask them to do this as well.
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