Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Efficiency - Going Beyond Execution

Focus: Time Managment, Personal Productivity

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Efficiency - Going Beyond Execution
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Do you know people who just seem to get a lot of things done? Well in the world of time and performance management, that’s called execution – the ability to get things done.

There are, however, two other important aspects of time and priority management that we need to consider that significantly affect our performance. Those two elements are being efficient and being effective.

This audio lesson will examine efficient. Webster’s defines efficient as being productive without waste. I know when I first started recording audio lessons for Management-in-Minutes, I had so much material in my head from all my years of conducting workshops, initially I thought it would be faster just to record off the top of my head. Well, what I discovered is I had to go through many takes to get the recording acceptable. Although I was getting them done – execution, the way in which I was doing it proved to be inefficient. 

So, I started writing an outline of what I wanted to say and oh my gosh what a difference…the words just flowed.   In this example, I executed and increased my efficiency.

I wonder in your world of work are there ways you can improve your efficiency? One way many professionals do is through increasing their knowledge of technology. Something as simple as using a template vs. creating documents from scratch each time is a step in increased efficiency or using keyboard shortcuts vs. pull down menus is another way.

The bottom line?....efficiency directly impacts your time… imagine the time wasted with inefficiency.

Coaching Tip: Examine areas of your work flow and determine if there is any areas where you could become more efficient. Take immediate action on one item. Do the action consistently until it becomes a habit.

Did you know…you only have to improve by 1% a day to double your effectiveness in 70 days?

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