Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Team Management – The Power of the Group

Focus: Team Management, Team Success

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Team Management – The Power of the Group
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Did you know that you, as a manager, have an incredible key resource for your immediate use? It’s one of THE most powerful management tools…and guess what…it’s free! Yep, you don’t even have to pay for it and it can get you more of what you want.

What is it? is the power of the group, commonly known as peer pressure. Few people recognize the power of using peer pressure to get more out of team. My more formal name for peer pressure is Team Management. As managers we need to know not only how to manage individual people, but a group of people as well.

Why does peer pressure even exist?  Well, one thing you can bank on at least 90% of the time is that adults hate to be embarrassed in public. Due to our socialization, at least for most of us, activities in public consciously and unconsciously REGULATE our behavior.

On top of which USA Today did a study several years back and posed this question, “What’s your number one fear?” Of 1,000 adults polled the most popular answer was ….drum roll please….public speaking! I submit to you the reason is fear of embarrassment…looking like a fool.

You as a manager can use that to your advantage. A great example of that is peer or group coaching. Check out the Audio lesson entitled SWAT…that is a great tool to implement both group coaching and accountability.

So ask yourself …what are some ways I can employ the power of the group, use peer pressure to better or increase the outcomes of my group?

Let me know what you come up with and I’ll be happy to post, them with your permission, in our Best Practice area.

Remember the power of the group!


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