Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Got Motivation? - The One Minute Challenge

Focus: Personal Productivity, Time Management Tip
Audio duration: 2 mins. 10 secs.

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GOT MOTIVATION? - The One Minute Challenge 
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Welcome to another high impact bite-size audio tip. The topic, Got motivation? 

You know, motivation is essential to getting things done. Being able to motivate yourself is an essential discipline in being effective at anything you do. This does impact your professionalism and it’s critical in what I call professional maturity have the ability to get results. And hey, if you motivate yourself, you’re manager don’t have to. And what manager wouldn’t want that? 

So here’s a great tip to motivate yourself, especially when you have things to do that you don’t find particularly pleasurable. Here’s the tip: Take the one minute challenge. What’s that? It’s a way to jumpstart your energy, and, if one minute sounds too long for those of you who are really dragging, make it thirty seconds instead. 
Here’s how it works. Decide what you wanna do or how you wanna get started or what do you wanna work on first. Then, use a timer, preferably a kitchen timer or one that makes noise, and set it for one minute. Then, go! You’ll here the buzz which is an auditory motivator and it starts to stir the blood a bit and you’ll begin to get some focus. You know, the cool thing is, you’ll realize how much you can actually get done in one minute, or every thirty seconds. And, your motivation has just been jumpstarted. 
You know what else I discovered? Once I get started, I actually have a hard time stopping because what seemed overwhelming, I realized that I could jump into for just a very short period of time. Recommended action item? Take the one minute challenge. 
And, for those of you who are managers, this is a great tool or idea to jumpstart collectively your team’s productivity as well. 
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