Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Lift-Off Effect

Focus: Personal Productivity, Performance Success

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The Lift-Off Effect 
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Today, our bite-size audio lesson is the concept of the lift-off effect. 
You know, I think it’s helpful that when you’re embarking on any new endeavor to be prepared ahead of time, to know and inform yourself of what to expect. Well, one of the concepts that you’ll want to know about is the lift-off effect. 
I recently read that when a rocket is launched into space, it expends more energy in the first few minutes of lift-off than it uses over the next several days to travel a half million miles. That’s amazing! It uses most of its energy right in the beginning. 
And isn’t that kind of how you feel? You know, when you go to the health club and trying to start a new habit of exercising and you just feel like, “Ugh, this is just so much effort” or you just like, “Oh, this is just, I’ve got to put out so much energy right in the beginning.” Well, that’s called the lift-off effect. 
And you know, once you know that, it does make it actually easier, because then, you won’t be discouraged, you’ll be able to push through, and gain the momentum that you need to move from point A to point B.
Remember, your old habits and behaviors are trying to pull you back, you know, like gravity, like inertia is what is challenging you. But once you know that there is any new initiative, a lift-off effect that will help you to really achieve the outcome that you want. So don’t forget, the lift-off effect.

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